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                                                                                                           Parent's Responsibilities


    The Pony Club relies on parental support and the success of the Phillip Island Pony Club is dependent on families of pony club members being able to contribute in some way. There are many ways families can contribute even if they do not have expertise in horse-related areas, and the children love the family involvement. It is often the case that good friendships develop between not only the children of the club but the families involved as well. There is a huge amount of goodwill within the Pony Club. The committee is also made up of volunteer (not all necessarily parents), the Pony Club runs best when all parents contribute in some way.



    Things for parents to be aware of are:

    Children 10 years and under need a parent or guardian to be present when riding, however if your child is a beginner it would be advisable for you to be present at rallies to support them. 

     All children please ensure that the tie up stalls are left clean for the next rally (pick up any unused hay) and no equipment is allowed to be put on the rail between the horse/pony stalls, it must be put approx. 1 metre in front of the stalls. Never tie your horse or pony up with its bridle.Things to bring for your horse/pony. A water bucket, halter and lead, brushes and some hay . Clean Saddle, bridle and saddle cloth. If you have a summer rug and a winter rug these should be taken to pony club to put on your horse/pony after lessons and lunchtime.

    Riding at the Pony Club Grounds.

    You are allowed to use the grounds, but please clean up after use and jumps should be replaced to the positions and heights that you found them.  If your child jumps it should be only at the height that they are graded at and should be supervised by a knowledgeable adult or instructor and not by themselves.
    You are not covered by Pony Club insurance unless it is a Pony Club organised rally or event.
    Duty Roster
    Two families are rostered to help at each rally, however if parents are available there is always plenty to be done at the beginning of a rally to set up for the day.  There are usually jumps to be set up and perhaps arena's that need tobe organized. The sand menage usually needs watering to prevent dust and after the rally it needs to be smudged.  The rostered families duties include: 

                                         - assisting the DC/Chief Instructor setting up

                                         - cleaning the shelter shed and the toilets (cleaning gear is in the shed)

                                         - serving morning tea to both children and instructors

                                         - preparing the ingredients for lunch and cooking the BBQ

                                         - tidying up after lunch

                                         - putting away  equipment  at the end of day

                                         - checking yards are left tidy

                                         - cleaning toilets and emptying all bins and putting away excess paper.

    If ever you are rostered on and no-one from your family can be there please organize to swap with another family, when you
    join you will receive a contact list of all the Pony Clubs members.  Even if your child is not riding at that rallyit is still expected that you will cover your duty.


    When another parent transports your child and horse to or from an event, the child's parents should try to attend the event their child has been taken to, to alleviate some of the responsibility for the day from the transporting parent.








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