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    How to join the Pony Club   

    A membership application form needs to be filled in. To obtain a form contact the Secretary of the Club at the following address 

    Riding can be a very dangerous sport & parents should attend lessons and observe their child's progress, even if parents are not experienced with horses or have no real interest in the sport  themselves when their child is mounted the responsibility and duty of care is theirs.
    The beginner rider should never be left unsupervised.

    For the child's safety it is very important that horse and rider are 'well matched' and that all riding gear is well fitted and in good condition.

    To be able to attend Summer Camp a rider must have attended 2 ridden rallies beforehand.

    On admission to the Club you will receive a Pony Club Card which is a record of you and your horse's attendance at Rallies and your grading for competitions You will also need to fill in a medical and other information form.




    We have annual memberships used to pay instructors and to cover the cost of rallies.  Please see the Treasurer for current membership fees which are due by the 31st May each year. Part of the fee that you pay is paid to PCAV for each riding member for affiliation and insurance and the balance of the fee is A pro-rata amount will be charged for members joining during the year. Items supplied by the P.C.A.V. are available to be purchased through the Treasurer. These include badges, card holders, information books and other items.




    During your time at Pony Club you may wish to work towards attaining Certificates, which are given for various degrees of knowledge about horsemanship.

    More information about these can be obtained from the DC.




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