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    General Outline of a Year in Our Pony Club


    January: No Rally. A Camp is usually held in the first week of January at the Pony club grounds.

    February:  Normal Rally.

    March:  Normal Rally.

    Normal Rally.
    May: Normal rally on 1st Sunday.  Combined Training Day (3rd Sunday in April).

    June: Normal Rally.

    July - Oct.: The Rallies depend on the weather and the state of the grounds. Some options if the grounds are not useable include: 
                        An unmounted rally consisting of theory and games
                        An excursion to somewhere appropriate 
                        A navigation ride.

    November: Normal Rally.
    December: The Rally is a Gymkhana held with Bass Valley Pony Club, alternating between their grounds and ours each year.

    "The Jill Grayden Trophy"

    At the December rally Jill presents an annual perpetual trophy, which has been in existence since 1988.  The criteria for eligibility is firstly 100% attendance to rallies all year.  However, there are usually quite a few dedicated members who "fit the bill", so then it is Jill's sometimes difficult task to decide who may be the recipient. This is when the award then becomes partly an encouragement award, partly an award for presentation and courtesy but mostly an award for "Well done". The 100% attendees are always congratulated and our D.C. usually makes several other "Encouragement" awards on the day.


    As well, we run a Combined Training Day competition annually. This takes a huge amount of work but is manageable when all families help, and is an important means of fund-raising within the club. It is expected of all families who are members of Pony Club to contribute to the day whether their child is competing on the day or not.  There are working bees held to ready the grounds and everyone is expected to help on the day with either catering or parking or stewarding.



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