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                         Our uniform consists of:                                                     


          - Fawn, oatmeal or banana coloured jodhpurs.

          - White shirt or brown polo with blue inserts and gold trim and badges.

          - Brown tie (if wearing white shirt with collar)  and badge.

          - Brown V-necked jumper.

          - Flat soled elastic sided riding boots.

          - Medical armband.

          - No jewelry other than a watch (studs may be taped over if they are difficult to remove).


    The polo top with logo may be worn at normal rallies and at competitions for ShowJumping and X-Country. When competing in Dressage a rider must wear full uniform with a white shirt and brown tie, armbands are compulsory Also if you have a PC saddle blanket it is advisory to use it on your mount.


    A PCAV approved Helmet (see PCAV website for complying standards)


    The Pony Club badge and medical armband is supplied by the PCAV and may be purchased through the treasurer. There may be some second-hand jumpers and ties available at times.





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