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    Welcome to Phillip Island Pony Club



    Welcome to Phillip Island Pony Club! We trust that you will have fun and learn a lot at the same time.

    Our club was started in the late 1950's and is one of the earliest pony clubs formed.

    We are an incorporated association affiliated with the Pony Club Association of Victoria (P.C.A.V.), and a

    member of the West Gippsland Zone of Pony Clubs. We are run by voluntary officials and rely

    heavily on parental support. Pony Club is a Youth Movement and the happiness and enjoyment of its

    members is of utmost importance. Our main aim is to help each member to enjoy their riding, to get the greatest

    pleasure from their ponies in whatever activities appeal to them, and to care for their mounts well and thoughtfully.


    This website is in the process of being updated. For current 2017 information regarding the club please refer to Wendy on 0411 114574 and our Facebook Page


    Pony Club Aims and Objectives:


    To encourage young people to ride and to learn to enjoy all approved types of sport connected with horses and riding.


    To provide instruction in horsemanship and riding and to instil in the members the proper care of their animals.


    To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty, thereby cultivating strength of character and self-discipline.




    The Pony Club Rally is the backbone of the movement. Our Rallies are held on the first Sunday of each month, generally starting at 10 am

    and finishing approximately 3pm. We have a BBQ at lunchtime with hamburgers, vegi burgers, sausages & salad available at minimum cost.

     Parents and siblings are encouraged to come to rallies. Riding members must have a parent or guardian present for the entire day.


    What happens at a Pony Club Rally?


    The riding members are put into groups according to ability and age, and receive instruction in areas of flatwork, jumping, cross-country,

    games and theory. The District Commissioner (D.C.) is responsible for the format of the day, which may be varied

    depending on such things as the weather and availability of instructors.

    Generally there will be two group sessions before lunch (with a break for morning tea in between), and one to two sessions after lunch.

    It is preferred that riding members wear Pony Club Uniform, which should be clean and neat.



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