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    Tarwin Lower Rally - Jully 2011

    Alyn Spencer, Monday, 11 July 2011



    Tarwin Lower Rally - July 2011

    Full Group Tarwin Rally July 2011

    Chloe & Lilly

    Emma & Shanny listening intently to Yvonne

    Josh & Holly to have a go at games

    Shenea Jumping

    Ash just chillin with her lad......

    Libby is looking for a leg-up

    aahhh found one....


    Josh & Devo having a great day

    Cathy & Flick keeping an eye on proceedings

    Sky & Chloe wandering about

    Tad chilly Suze???

    Chloe contemplating her next move

    Ebony is ready to go.. Is Ollie???

    Lib in her flat

    Emma SJ

    Shenae SJ

    Emma SJ


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