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    Camp 2011


    President Extrordinaire

    Kelly on her pretend horse!

    Amanda and her charges arriving at Woolamai

    Emma the roo chaser arriving at Woolamai

    Chloe, Ebony, Skye, Sianan, Imogen and Amanda on the trail

    Suze, Kaitelyn, Shanea and Krista on the trail

    Ali, Alyn and Ash on the trail

    RooChasers Josh and Jack did a great job

    Casey, Nikki and Sam have a great ride

    The club leaving Woolamai for the long meander back to the floats

    View from Goldie...

    ThePres doing it country style...

    Returning to the floats at Anderson

    Are they enjoying themselves...

    Enjoying a meander through the country

    Lunchtime rest...

    Large group riding into Woolamai

    Arriving at Woolamai

    Comfy Casey??

    Just Chinwagging

    Skye is relaxing, getting ready for the ride back

    2010 members (Absent Jamie, Holly & Libby)

    Movie under the stars

    Movie under the stars

    Nighttime at Camp

    The roo chasers!! Thanks guys....

    2nd Group...

    What can you say.... Awesome!!

    Looking great girls...
    Alyn Spencer, Thursday, 13 January 2011



    Camp 2011


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